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Hey all !!! i’m moving soon and I need to get rid of some stuff that i dont want to take with me, and since i’m not into Steam Powered Giraffe anymore, I thought i’d lend this stuff to someone who would appreciate it !! ;u;


Here’s what you could win !!!

» Bundle #1 -

SPG the DVD: And The Quest for The Eternal Harp of Golden Dreams

(It shouldn’t be to terribly scratched, but I think the Special Features section doesn’t work umu sorry lovelies)

Rex Marksley (David Michael Bennett) print by Geekshot Photography

» Bundle #2 -

Gen 3(?) SPG buttons (you know, the anime ones)

Gen 1 (pretty sure?) SPG wristbands, The Spine & Rabbit

» Bundle #3 -

Laser engraved wooden Cav gear (can be used as a necklace), Rabbit & Hatchworth (made by me !!)

Handmade buttons, The Spine & Cav logo (made by me also !!!)

» Bundle #4 -

Laser engraved & hand-stained wooden full chess set and board, the Beciles (black) vs. the Walters (white)

(The board is currently in separate squares, so some assembly will be required. Also note that the Becile side became faded when stained, so I would highly encourage using a pen or pencil or w/e to fill in the lines, such as the example in last picture !!! if you have any questions about who’s who (and what they’re holding), contact me and i’d be happy to give you a list)

(this was made by me too yO !!!)

Rules !!!

» You DO NOT have to be following me !!

» Likes DO count !!!!

» Reblog as many fuckin times as you want !!

» Like please, spread this shit around because I can’t take this stuff and I want it to go to good homes !!!!!!

» idk if there should be more rules?? just enter pls !!

What happens when you wwIIINNNNNNN

» There will be FOUR winners !!!!

» The First Place Winner will get a choice between ANY OF THE BUNDLES !! It has to be a bundle, but you’re free to choose which one you want !!!

» The Second Place Winner will get a choice between ANY of the LEFTOVER bundles !!!

» And the 3rd will get a choice between the last two, and the 4th winner will get the remaining bundle !!!

» I will contact you Tuesday if you are one of the winners, and if you don’t reply within one week the spot will become open and i will determine someone else to fill that space & claim the prize !!

» I will need your mailing address and I’ll be mailing the prizes once I get back from a trip, on August 7th!

» I dont think i have the money for international shipping ?? Im sorry ; n;

And i think thats it !!! Once again, y’all have until MONDAY THE 28TH AT MIDNIGHT to win !!!

go go go !!!

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